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CJ Lang & Son Ltd, the SPAR wholesalers for Scotland, has redesigned the uniforms that its drivers wear, based on their feedback.

The HGV drivers felt that they wanted a uniform that felt more in line with CJ Lang and SPAR brands.

With this in mind, a new top was designed with SPAR’s recognisable red and black imagery.

Their material has also been revamped, and is now made of a material similar to football tops, making them more comfortable for drivers to wear.

The team also introduced black combat trousers and soft shell black jackets, which are flexible to wear and waterproof in all seasons.

Colin Chapman, Distribution Director at CJ Lang & Son Ltd, said: “Our drivers are happy with the new uniforms so far, and so are our customers.

“All this goes hand in hand with rebranding of our delivery fleet, giving everything a consistent look and feel,” he said.