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SPAR East Wemyss, owned and operated by CJ Lang and Son Limited has recently donated a generous £200 to The Wemyss Improvement Group.

The money was raised through the sale of single use carrier bags, which since October 2014 cost customers 5p per bag.

The Wemyss Improvement Group representative, said: “On behalf of my colleagues, I wish to thank CJ Lang for your continued support of our floral enhancement and environmental projects in East Wemyss. The liberal donation of £200 which we received today at your store in East Wemyss, will help us maintain the high standard we have achieved over the last eight years and hopefully later this month when the judging in the Fife Council ‘Beautiful Fife’ campaign takes place, we shall retain the gold medal status which we accomplished last year.

Once again, thank you so much for your help, it is much appreciated.

Shaun Muirhead, Store Manager for SPAR East Wemyss, said: “Sales of carrier bags allow us to donate money to such hard working volunteers who make the village look a nice place to visit. The donation will help them to buy more plants to help win a gold award status yet again”