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Inspire! 2019 was hosted by CJ Lang and Son LTD at Airth Castle from 12th – 15th Nov.  The course was attended by 21 delegates from Spar UK distribution centres as well as two international candidates from Quatar and Cyprus.  The course is designed to equip future managers with skills and experiences to help them manage and lead stores and covers topics like Sales, Marketing, Finance, Leadership and Customer Service. 

On the first evening the group were piped into dinner, followed by a Welcome from Colin McLean, CEO, CJ Lang and Son Ltd, after dinner speech was presented by David Moore, Spar International, giving the delegates an understanding of Spar International.  This year the group also visited the Camelon Store, near Airth Castle and carried out a case study on the store which they then presented back to CJ Lang Directors and the group.

During the course there was also opportunities for the group to put into practise what they had learnt through the leadership board game and Spar Wars which is a simulated game of running a store and making management decisions.

The group also had some time to enjoy a taste of Scottish hospitality with haggis for breakfast, homemade shortbread/cakes and a visit to the Kelpies.

The group all participated well throughout the programme and I hope they put into practise the skills they have learnt on the course.