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SPAR Montague Road, owned and operated by CJ Lang and Son Limited has recently donated a generous £1,300 to Mikeys Line Fund.

The money was raised through the sale of single use carrier bags, which since October 2014 cost customers 5p per bag.

Created by friends and family of Michael “Mikey” Williamson and Martin Shaw, who died just days apart from each other last year, the charity provides a text message service for people who need help. It also recently launched an app with the aim of helping people to cope with their mental health issues.

The app is aimed at people aged 14 – 20 but the coping strategies it highlights are helpful and relevant to people of all ages.

Line founder Ron Williamson, Michael’s uncle, said:” I got a call last week to say that they had a cheque to present to us, it was a nice surprise, which there have been a few of lately”

Stephen Fraser, Area manager for SPAR Scotland, said: “We are thrilled to be handing over this donation to our local charity- Mikeys Line”.