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Thousands of cards with information on consumer rights have been placed at till points in shops across Scotland from today. Enterprise Minister Fergus Ewing handed over the first wallet-sized ‘Shoppers Rights Card’ at a till point in a Spar store, backing a major drive to help customers become more familiar with their rights in-store. Research shows that 1 in 3 shoppers do not feel well informed about their rights and more than a third feel it is difficult to get advice. Over 130,000 cards have been placed at till points in Spar, John Lewis and NISA stores across Scotland and in libraries, Citizens’ Advice bureaux and trading standards offices. Enterprise Minister Fergus Ewing said: “It's very important that consumers are well informed about their rights and information like this is especially important for vulnerable customers as it makes it clear what they can expect from retailers. “This card is easy to carry around and people can have it to hand when they need to know what they're entitled to in terms of refunds or what to do with faulty goods. It will also promote consumer confidence, a vital element of economic recovery.” Gemma Crompton, Legal Services Policy Manager at Consumer Focus Scotland – Scotland’s consumer champion behind the cards – said: “It’s vital that consumers have confidence when shopping and its good news that major retailers are signing up to help ensure they do. “At the moment many people aren’t up to speed on basic shopping rules such as the fact that a credit or debit card statement can be used as proof of purchase and that if goods are faulty you are entitled to your money back, with or without proof of purchase. “Consumer confidence contributes to a healthy retail sector and a strong economy so initiatives like these to support consumers are more important than ever.” Shopper Claire Brennan from Lauder said: “It’s difficult to know exactly what you are entitled to when shopping and sometimes it puts me off buying something, especially if it costs a lot of money. “The more information that is available, the better. It clears up any confusion and makes shopping a better experience for everyone.” Business Development Controller for Spar, Philippe Rondepierre said: “All 350 of our shops are supporting this fantastic initiative to help shoppers become more familiar with their rights. “An open, fair and trusting relationship between shop keepers and customers is vital and information for customers on what they are entitled to in-store is an essential part of this.” Director of the Scottish Retail Consortium, Ian Shearer, said: “This scheme should help consumers understand what their legal rights and obligations are. Many retailers already go well beyond what is expected of them by law, for example by offering extra flexibility on refunds and exchanges, but its important customers are well informed about what they’re actually entitled to. “Anyone who has a problem with something they’ve bought should raise it with the shop directly. The majority of issues will be sorted out there and then. Reputable retailers value the relationship they have with their customers and want people to go away happy.”

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